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January 23, 2008

The Topic Selection Subcommittee of the Legislative Audit Commission meeting was called to order by Senator Ann Rest, Chair, at 11:45 a.m.

Members present:

Senator Ann H. Rest, Chair
Senator Claire Robling
Representative Connie Ruth
Representative Rick Hansen (ex officio)

Members absent:

Representative Steve Simon

Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles reviewed a proposed schedule for the subcommittee, noting that it would have the subcommittee prepared to recommend six to eight topics for approval by the full Legislative Audit Commission by mid-March.  He reminded members that these new topics would be in addition to two others previously approved—charter schools and the claims review process for workers’ compensation.  Both of these evaluations were delayed when the commission requested (in August) that the Legislative Auditor evaluate the state’s management of its highways and bridges.  Mr. Nobles noted that a report on charter schools is scheduled for release in early summer, and a report on a claims review process for workers’ compensation is scheduled for release in the fall. 

Mr. Nobles directed members to a preliminary list of evaluation topics carried over from last year, with some additions proposed since the subcommittee last met.  He indicated the next step is to solicit additional suggestions before the subcommittee begins its process of narrowing the list and selecting “semi-finalists” for inclusion on a survey of legislative interest.   

Senator Rest said the subcommittee should proceed on the schedule proposed by Mr. Nobles, but leave open the possibility of selecting a few additional topics near the end of the legislative session, when issues develop that need more study.  Other members agreed, and Mr. Nobles indicated that his office could accommodate the approach suggested by Senator Rest.  Members agreed that Mr. Nobles should draft and send a memo from the subcommittee to all legislators requesting that they suggest topics for evaluation.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

Senator Ann H. Rest, Chair

Mary Moser, Recording Secretary



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