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January 30, 2001

The meeting of the Legislative Audit Commission was called to order by Representative Dan McElroy on Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 2:35 P.M. in Room 316, State Capitol.

Members Present:

Representative Lynda Boudreau    Senator Keith Langseth
Representative Chris Gerlach Senator Claire Robling
Representative Peggy Leppik Senator Jim Vickerman
Representative Dan McElroy Senator Deanna Wiener
Representative Mary Jo McGuire
Representative Wes Skoglund

Members Excused:

Representative Dave Bishop Senator Bill Belanger, Jr.
Representative Mindy Greiling Senator Dave Johnson
Representative Philip Krinkie Senator Doug Johnson
Representative Don Samuelson    Senator Sheila Kiscaden
Representative Steve Sviggum Senator David Knutson
Senator Roger Moe
Senator James Metzen
Senator Thomas Neuville

Representative McElroy indicated the purpose of the meeting was to review the program evaluation report on early affordable housing. He recognized Roger Brooks, Deputy Legislative Auditor for Program Evaluation. Mr. Brooks indicated the report on affordable housing was not an evaluation, but rather an analysis of an issue. He gave an overview of the reasons this topic was selected and a brief summary of the major findings. Mr. Brooks introduced John Patterson, Project Manager, and Craig Helmstetter, Evaluation Specialist.

Representative McElroy recognized Mr. Helmstetter. Mr. Helmstetter reviewed research methods used, and questions addressed in the report. He also reviewed cost of housing and building trends in Minnesota.

Representative McElroy recognized Mr. Patterson. Mr. Patterson reviewed the factors limiting the production of affordable housing and summarized the study's conclusions.

Representative McElroy recognized Caren Dewar, Director of the Community Development Division of the Metropolitan Council. Ms. Dewar indicated she disagreed with the study's conclusion that the Livable Communities Act was only marginally successful. She noted that funds were very limited, but it did what it was intended to do. Ms. Dewar answered questions from members.

Representative McElroy recognized Tonja Orr of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. Ms. Orr answered questions from members concerning coordination of housing policies between the agencies.

Representative McElroy noted that the commission does not sponsor or hear bills but that the report would be forwarded to the appropriate legislative committees. He noted that the Financial Audit Division would be releasing a report in the near future concerning per diem payments to state employees serving on various boards and commissions.

The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Representative Dan McElroy, Chair

Jean Barnhill, Recording Secretary



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