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May 17, 2001

The meeting of the Legislative Audit Commission was called to order by Senator Ann H. Rest on Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 9:15 A.M. in Room 118, State Capitol.

Members Present:

Senator Dave Johnson Representative Ruth Johnson
Senator Ann H. Rest Representative Dan Larson
Senator Deanna Wiener Representative Dan McElroy
Representative Wes Skoglund

Members Excused:

Senator Bill Belanger Representative Steve Dehler
Senator Sheila Kiscaden Representative Peggy Leppik
Senator Thomas Neuville Representative Mary Jo McGuire
Senator Claire Robling Representative Michelle Rifenberg
Senator Jim Vickerman

Senator Rest indicated that inasmuch as a quorum would not be present, the members present would serve as a subcommittee for the purpose of deciding which topics would be recommended for study by the Program Evaluation Division. Other members would be sent a letter from those present, asking them to ratify their recommendation. She recognized Roger Brooks, Deputy Legislative Auditor for Program Evaluation.

Mr. Brooks noted that the budget for the office has not yet been set, which would determine how many studies could be conducted. He suggested that members select all studies being presented, but that they designate one to be set aside if the budget was inadequate.

Mr. Brooks introduced Charles Meyer, Chair of the Best Practices Advisory Council. Mr. Meyer reviewed the reasons why the council was recommending a best practices study of managing computer systems and on-line public services. He noted other topics considered by the council included reservation of housing stock and road paving. He asked that the topic of gathering citizen input, which had previously been approved by the commission, be withdrawn as the council felt it was not particularly useful.

Senator Wiener moved the best practices review of managing computer systems and on-line public services be presented to all commission members for approval. Motion carried.

Mr. Brooks reviewed the six program evaluation proposals and answered questions from members. Senator Rest moved the following topics be presented to all commission members for approval: teacher recruitment and retention, cost of health insurance, economic status of welfare recipients, unemployment insurance, pollution control agency, and recycling, and that the topic of recycling would be dropped if the budget did not allow adequate resources for all six. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Senator Ann H. Rest, Chair

Jean Barnhill, Recording Secretary



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