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Office of MN.IT Services - Billings for Shared Information Technology Services (Jan 22)

We concluded that the Office of MN.IT Services did not comply with federal and state legal requirements in developing the billing rates it used to charge state agencies for certain shared information technology services. Our report contains one finding.

State Protections for Meatpacking Workers (Jan 21)
We found that a 2007 law intended to protect meatpacking workers, the Packinghouse Workers Bill of Rights, has not been adequately implemented by the Department of Labor and Industry. We recommend that the department take additional actions to implement the law and that the legislature make some clarifying changes in the law’s language.

UPDATED - Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange: MNsure (Jan 21)

MNsure’s former marketing director disputes the claim made by MNsure management that she expanded the scope of work for a marketing vendor without approval. She was responding to statements made by MNsure officials in an OLA Financial Audit Division report issued on October 28, 2014, Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange: MNsure (see pp. 11-12, and p. 42) and repeated in media reports. OLA agreed to include a letter from the former marketing director’s attorney dated January 13, 2015, in the online version of the report and in any paper copies distributed in the future. The letter states the former marketing director’s position. Her position does not contradict OLA Finding 1 that the additional work and expenses were not appropriately authorized.

Financial Statement Audit Opinions

We recently issued audit opinions on the State of Minnesota’s fiscal year 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the CAFRs for the three state public retirement systems. We concluded that each CAFR fairly presented the financial information in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles for the respective organization. Our audit opinions are included in each organization's CAFR, which are available through the following links:


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