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Mineral Taxation (Apr 30)

We found that some statutes authorizing taxes on taconite mining are complex and outdated. In addition, the distribution of revenue from the main tax on mining (the production tax) lacks transparency and predictability. The Legislature should improve the allocation of production tax revenue to make it a more predictable source of revenue for local jurisdictions. The Legislature should establish a formal process to make one-time grants of production tax revenue to local jurisdictions. It should also clarify the purpose of a fund used primarily for grants to mining companies to improve plants and mining equipment, and delete obsolete mineral tax statutes.

A Clinical Drug Study at the University of Minnesota - Department of Psychiatry: The Dan Markingson Case (Mar 19)

We do not think it is possible to know whether Dan Markingson’s suicide was connected to his participation in the University clinical drug study; the suicide of a person with serious mental illness may involve many contributing factors. However, the Markingson case raises serious ethical issues and numerous conflicts of interest, which University leaders have been consistently unwilling to acknowledge. They have repeatedly claimed that clinical research at the University meets the highest ethical standards and dismissed the need for further consideration of the Markingson case by making misleading statements about past reviews. This insular and inaccurate response has seriously harmed the University of Minnesota’s credibility and reputation.


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Financial Audit

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