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Minnesota Racing Commission (Dec 4)
We concluded the Minnesota Racing Commission’s internal controls over its financial operations were generally adequate, and the commission generally complied with significant finance-related legal requirements; however, we found some internal control weaknesses and instances of noncompliance.

Department of Human Services' - Oversight of MNsure Eligibility Determinations for
Public Health Care Programs
(Nov 12)
We concluded that the Department of Human Services did not ensure that new recipients of the state’s public health care programs who enrolled through MNsure were eligible for the benefits they received. Our report contains 11 findings related to internal control weaknesses and noncompliance with either state or federal requirements.


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Program Evaluation

DNR Forest Management (Aug 28)
MnDOT Selection of Pavement Surface for Road Rehabilitation (Mar 26)
Agricultural Commodity Councils (Mar 21)
Councils on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans, Black Minnesotans, Chicano/Latino People, and Indian Affairs (Mar 14)
Health Services in State Correctional Facilities (Feb 20)

Financial Audit

Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange: MNsure (Oct 28)


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