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Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (Jun 5th)

The Board of Water and Soil Resources lacked adequate financial controls and the necessary cost-accounting rigor to ensure compliance with significant finance-related legal requirements. Payroll and other administrative costs often did not follow with state policies and requirements in law. Insufficient documentation also made it difficult to audit many key cost-allocation decisions. Our report has four findings.

Premium Subsidy Program (May 7th)

We concluded that the premium subsidy program met its objective to help eligible individuals pay for their health care coverage. In accordance with state law, the health insurance carriers that participated in the premium subsidy program appropriately passed the premium subsidy through to their eligible enrollees.


Released Earlier

Program Evaluation

Early Childhood Programs (Apr 26th)
Board of Animal Health’s Oversight of Deer and Elk Farms (Apr 20th)
Guardians ad Litem (Mar 23rd)
Voter Registration (Mar 16th)
Office of Health Facility Complaints (Mar 6th)
Minnesota Investment Fund (Feb 28th)

Financial Audit

Department of Veterans Affairs - Veterans Health Care Division (Apr 25th)

  • OLA has an employment opportunity for an Audit Coordinator.
  • On March 23, 2018, the Legislative Audit Commission chose the final topics for evaluation by OLA in 2018.


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