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Factors That Contributed to MNLARS Problems (Feb 14th)

Many factors—not a single person or a single decision—contributed to the unsuccessful release of the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) in July 2017. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Office of Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) share blame for the system’s deficiencies. OLA’s report offers recommendations intended to help prevent similar problems in the state’s future IT projects.

Economic Development and Housing Challenge Program (Feb 8th)

State law authorizes the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency to administer numerous programs to address the need for affordable housing in the state, including the Economic Development and Housing Challenge program. We found that the agency has generally done a good job of administering the program, but we also identified opportunities for improvement and review.

Minnesota State Arts Board Grant Administration (Feb 4th)

The Minnesota State Arts Board administers ten competitive grant programs and legislatively mandated grants to the state’s regional arts councils. In doing so, the board must comply with state laws and policies for grant making. We found that the Arts Board complied with most of the grant policies and laws that we reviewed, but we also found room for improvement.


Released Earlier

Program Evaluation

Public Facilities Authority: Wastewater Infrastructure Programs (Jan 28th)

Financial Audit

Metropolitan Council Transit Financial Activity Review (Jan 4th)

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