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Legislative Audit Commission

The Legislative Audit Commission (LAC) is a bi-partisan commission with 6 members from the House of Representatives and 6 from the Senate, equally divided between the majority and minority parties. Membership is governed by Minnesota Statutes, Section 3.97, subd. 2. The commission appoints the Legislative Auditor and selects topics for the Program Evaluation Division to review. It also periodically holds hearings to review audit and evaluation reports. The commission chair rotates every two years between the House and the Senate.

The Legislative Audit Commission also has three subcommittees.

Commission Members:

Senator Roger J. Reinert - Chair 325 State Capitol (651-296-4188)


Representative Sondra Erickson 209 State Office Building (651-296-6746)
Representative Rick Hansen 451 State Office Building (651-296-6828)


Senator Michelle Benson 115 State Office Building (651-296-3219)
Senator Mary Kiffmeyer 123 State Office Building (651-296-5655)
Senator Warren Limmer 153 State Office Building (651-296-2159)
Senator James Metzen 322 State Capitol (651-296-4370)
Senator Ann H. Rest 235 State Capitol (651-296-2889)

Executive Subcommittee 

Representative Rick Hansen
Senator Warren Limmer
Senator Roger J. Reinert
Senator Ann H. Rest

Evaluation Subcommittee

Representative Rick Hansen, Chair
Senator Mary Kiffmeyer
Senator Warren Limmer
Senator James Metzen

Audit Subcommittee

Senator Ann H. Rest, Chair
Senator Michelle Benson
Senator Mary Kiffmeyer
Representative Sondra Erickson

Here are the minutes from commission meetings.

Chairs of the Legislative Audit Commission have included:

Senator Edward Gearty (1973-74),
Representative Fred Norton (1975-76),
Senator William McCutcheon (1977-78),
Representative Don Moe (1979-80),
Senator Don Moe (1981-82),
Representative Dick Welsh (1983-84),
Senator Randolph Peterson (1985-86),
Representative Phil Riveness (1987-88),
Senator John Brandl (1989-90),
Representative Ann Rest (1991-92),
Senator Phil Riveness (1993-94),
Representative Ann Rest (1995-96),
Senator Deanna Wiener (1997-98),
Representative Dan McElroy (1999-2000),
Senator Ann Rest (2001-2002),
Representative Tim Wilkin (2003-2004),
Senator Ann Rest (2005-2006),
Representative Rick Hansen (2007-2008), and
Senator Ann Rest (2009-2010).








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