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James Nobles - Legislative Auditor 651/296-4708 James.Nobles@state.mn.us
Support Services
Shelly Gilb - Administrative Support 651/296-4708 Shelly.Gilb@state.mn.us
Eric Jacobson - Business Manager651/296-4720 Eric.Jacobson@state.mn.us
Elizabeth Stawicki, Legal Counsel651/297-4364 Elizabeth.Stawicki@state.mn.us
Program Evaluation Division
Judy Randall - Deputy Legislative Auditor 651/296-1227 Judy.Randall@state.mn.us
Joel Alter                                                651/296-8313  Joel.Alter@state.mn.us
Caitlin Badger 651/297-1917 Caitlin.Badger@state.mn.us
Ellen Dehmer 651/296-6973 Ellen.Dehmer@state.mn.us
Sarah Delacueva 651/296-1226 Sarah.Delacueva@state.mn.us
Kristina Doan 651/297-1245 Kristina.Doan@state.mn.us
Will Harrison 651/296-1903 Will.Harrison@state.mn.us
Jody Hauer 651/296-8501  Jody.Hauer@state.mn.us
David Kirchner 651/296-3322  David.Kirchner@state.mn.us
Carrie Meyerhoff 651/297-3499  Carrie.Meyerhoff@state.mn.us
Ryan Moltz 651/296-5435 Ryan.Moltz@state.mn.us
Jessica Obidike 651/297-8314 Jessica.Obidike@state.mn.us
Jodi Munson Rodriguez 651/296-1230 Jodi.Rodriguez@state.mn.us
Laura Schwartz 651/296-1232 Laura.Schwartz@state.mn.us
Katherine Nystrom Theisen 651/296-1229 Katherine.Theisen@state.mn.us
Jo Vos 651/296-1233  Jo.Vos@state.mn.us
Madeline Welter 651/296-8976 Madeline.Welter@state.mn.us
Financial Audit Division*
Tracy Gebhard - Director 651/296-0038 Tracy.Gebhard@state.mn.us
Scott Tjomsland - Director 651/297-2860 Scott.Tjomsland@state.mn.us

*For contact information on other Financial Audit Division staff call 651/296-4708



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