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The Financial Audit Division's schedule is divided into two parts. From July through January, the division conducts the Annual Statewide Audit. The result is an "auditor's opinion" on the state's financial statements and reports on internal control and legal compliance.

From February through June, the division audits "organizations" on an individual basis. The organizations can include state departments, agencies, boards, metropolitan commissions, state college and university campuses, and various "semi-state" organizations.

Audit Estimated Report
Financial Statement Audits 
Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority September 2017
Internal Controls and Compliance Audits
Constitutional Office – Secretary of State July 2017
Constitutional Office – Attorney General July 2017
Board of Water and Soil Resources August 2017
Compliance of vendors with the state’s contracts for supplies September 2017
Compliance of state agencies with the state’s professional/technical policies September 2017
Management and Budget – Post issuance compliance for General Obligation Bonds October 2017
Department of Corrections – Oak Park Heights, Stillwater, and Red Wing October 2017
Veterans Affairs – Veterans Health Care Division September 2017
Eligibility of receipients receiving benefits through the state’s Premium Subsidy Program April 2018
Special Reviews
Law Enforcement Vehicle Purchases through State Cooperative Purchasing Contracts July 2017

For information about these audits, please contact Cecile Ferkul at Cecile.Ferkul@state.mn.us.

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