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Report Summary
Department of Economic Security

Financial Audit

For the Year Ended June 30, 1994;


Public Release Date: May 5, 1995 No. 95-20


Review Internal Control Structure for the following programs: Food Distribution, Employment Services Administration, Unemployment Insurance, Dislocated Workers, Job Training Partnership Act, Disaster Unemployment Assistance, Rehabilitation Services Basic Support, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Block Grant, Social Security-Disability Insurance.

Test compliance with certain finance-related provisions.


We found three areas where the internal control structure needed improvement:

  • The department has assigned incompatible accounting duties to an employee in the fiscal services section.
  • The department did not have an adequate accounting system for the Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program.
  • The department's internal controls over combined wage claim and overpayment receipts need improvement.

We found one area where the department had not complied with finance-related legal provisions:

  • The department is inappropriately subsidizing employee parking.


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