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Report Summary
Department of Transportation


Financial Audit Division Report 07-09 Released March 23, 2007

Audit Findings:

  • The department did not follow certain project oversight procedures.

  • The department did not correctly code certain highway construction costs as nonparticipating in federal funding.

The report contained two findings relating to federal legal compliance. The department resolved two of four findings included in our prior audit report and one is repeated in this report.
   Audit Scope:

Programs material to the State of Minnesota’s financial statements and to federal program compliance for fiscal year 2006

Selected Audit Areas:
  • Infrastructure and Right of Way - Capital Outlay
  • Federal Highway Construction and Planning Grants (CFDA #20.205)
  • Federal Airport Improvement Grants (CFDA #20.106)


The Department of Transportation maintains over $7.3 billion in state highway infrastructure and right of way assets. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2006, expenditures for infrastructure and right of way were $452 million and $110 million, respectively. These costs are funded in part by federal grant funds.


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