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October 15, 2001
Minnesota II Room – Four Points Sheraton, St. Paul

Members present:

Senator Ann H. Rest Representative Ruth Johnson
Representative Dan McElroy    Representative Michelle Rifenberg
Representative Peggy Leppik

Members excused:

Senator Deanna Wiener

The meeting was called to order by Senator Rest at 3:10 p.m.

Senator Rest indicated the purpose of the meeting was to review the request of James Nobles, Legislative Auditor, for appointment for another six year term to that office. She reviewed the process followed by the Legislative Audit Commission as outlined in a memo to members dated October 9, 1995. Hearing no objections, Senator Rest indicated that process would be followed. She indicated the recommendation of the Personnel Subcommittee would be brought before the full commission for action. If the commission approves the request, they would then act to confirm his appointment of Claudia Gudvangen and Roger Brooks as Deputies.

Senator Rest recognized James Nobles, Legislative Auditor. Mr. Nobles reviewed the major points of a personal assessment, which included both strengths and challenges facing the office, previously distributed to members and answered questions from members.

Senator Rest recognized Roger Brooks, Deputy Legislative Auditor for Program Evaluation. Mr. Brooks reviewed his personal assessment document and answered questions from members. Mr. Brooks commented on the strengths of the division and noted that the main area he would like to see modified is the topic selection process.

Senator Rest recognized Claudia Gudvangen, Deputy Legislative Auditor for Financial Audits. Ms. Gudvangen reviewed her personal assessment document and answered questions from members. She indicated one of the division's key strengths is its reputation and respect from those outside of the organization. Her major concerns were information systems security and staff turnover. Mr. Nobles noted that it is difficult to compete financially with some of the big accounting and other private firms and that one of the main reasons staff stay is the work environment and an appreciation for the work of the office.

Representative McElroy asked about the ratio of allocated to unallocated hours for IT audit staff. Ms. Gudvangen responded that the division is able to charge for 75-80 percent of its hours and noted that much of the time of IT auditors is spent in assisting other audit teams.

Senator Rest indicated the recommendation of the subcommittee would be presented at a meeting of the full commission, to be held before November 17, 2001.

The meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Senator Ann H. Rest, Chair

Jean Barnhill, Recording Secretary



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