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Office of the Legislative Auditor

Report Possible Misuse of Public Money or Other Resources

The Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA) will accept all allegations concerning the possible misuse of public money and other public resources (e.g., computers, telephones, equipment, work time, etc.).  We will make a preliminary assessment of every allegation we receive to determine if an investigation by OLA is needed.  We will also consider other options, including:  (1) addressing the issue in a future audit or evaluation, (2) referring the issue to another office that can more appropriately conduct an investigation, or (3) taking no further action.  OLA is more likely to conduct an investigation if there is evidence that an individual or organization may have violated a state law, rule, or policy that governs the use of public money or other resources.

It takes about two weeks for OLA to complete a preliminary assessment of an allegation and decide what additional action, if any, should be taken.  If you provide us with a way to contact you, we will inform you of our decision.

One of the best ways to contact OLA is by filling out the Allegation Form, although you may provide information to us through letter, phone, or e-mail.

You may submit an allegation to OLA anonymously, but that might diminish our ability to pursue your concern.  OLA has the authority to protect your personal information if necessary, and you can discuss this option with us by contacting us by telephone or by visiting our office.

If you submit your allegation in a letter, e-mail, or OLA Allegation Form and provide us with personal information (e.g., your name, address, telephone number, etc.), please indicate if you want your personal information to remain private.