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Office of the Legislative Auditor - Financial Audit Division

Report Summary
Spanish Speaking Affairs Council

Financial Audit

For the Two Years Ended June 30, 1995


Public Release Date: July 3, 1996 No. 96-27

Agency Background

The primary mission of the Spanish Speaking Affairs Council is to promote the social, economic, and political development of Minnesota's Chicano/Latino community. The council consists of a seven member council of directors, appointed by the Governor. Roy Garza served as executive director during most of the audit period, from May 1993 through April 1995. The council chair served as acting executive director from April 1995 through October 1995. Margarita Zalamea was appointed and began serving as executive director in December 1995.

Audit Areas and Conclusions

Our audit scope included a review of payroll, contractual services, and administrative expenditures, as well as gift and grant receipts, for the period from July 1, 1993, through June 30, 1995.

We found two areas where the council did not handle certain payroll transactions properly. First, a council employee did not properly record compensatory time earned or taken. In addition, the council paid one employee an incorrect severance amount.

We found several instances where the council did not appropriately process or adequately manage contractual services. The council did not comply with certain legal requirements when setting up some contracts. The council paid two contractors more than the contract amount. In addition, the council did not require one contractor to complete a contract.

We also found that the council incorrectly reimbursed council members and staff for certain travel expenditures. Finally, the council did not complete certain projects for which it received grant funds.