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Office of the Legislative Auditor - Financial Audit Division

Report Summary

Information Technology Audit

Department of Finance

Information Warehouse Data Integrity Audit

Overall Audit Conclusions

The Department of Finance has controls to ensure that data housed in its information warehouse is both accurate and complete.


This information technology audit assessed the adequacy of data integrity controls in the Department of Finance’s information warehouse. Data integrity controls are those controls that help ensure both the accuracy and completeness of data. Our audit focused on security controls, procedures used to load data from production business systems, and the synchronization of data maintenance between production business systems and the information warehouse.

The information warehouse contains a wide range of accounting, payroll, and personnel data. With over 373 million rows of data in 140 tables, the warehouse serves the ad hoc reporting needs of most state agencies. In fact, for the month of December 2003, over 1200 employees from 60 different state agencies retrieved data from the information warehouse.

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