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Office of the Legislative Auditor - Financial Audit Division

Report Summary
Administration of State Funds by the
African American Mentor Program, Inc.


Financial Audit Division Report 04-31 Released July 28, 2004

Key Findings and Conclusions:

  • The African American Mentor Program did not have a sufficient organizational structure or effective internal controls to properly administer the state grant programs.
  • The executive director of the African American Mentor Program used organization funds without oversight or accountability, expending nearly $90,000 for unsupported items or items that were not related to the organization’s mission.
  • The Department of Education did not adequately assess or monitor the organization’s ability to properly administer the state grants.
The report contained a total of 3 findings relating to internal control and legal compliance.
   Audit Scope:

Audit Period:
January 2000 through July 2002

Programs Audited:
  • Learn and Earn Graduation Achievement Grant
  • After School Enrichment Grant


The African American Mentor Program, Inc. was a nonprofit organization that received the majority of its funding through two grants from the Minnesota Department of Education (formerly the Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning). The department received General Fund appropriations for the Learn and Earn and After School Enrichment grant programs.