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Office of the Legislative Auditor

Recently Released

MnDOT Workforce and Contracting Goals (May 26th)

State workforce goals seek to increase the diversity of workers on state-funded construction contracts, while contracting goals and preferences seek to increase the diversity of business owners who contract with MnDOT. We found that state-funded MnDOT construction contracts starting in recent years rarely met state workforce goals, and that certain aspects of MnDOT’s contracting goal and preference programs had minimal effect. We make several recommendations to MnDOT and the Legislature regarding these programs.

Board of Cosmetology Licensing (May 26th)

We found that certain aspects of Minnesota’s complex cosmetology licensing structure and requirements do not contribute to public health or safety, but do make licensing more expensive and burdensome for licensees. We recommend a number of changes to the licensing structure and requirements.


Released Earlier

Program Evaluation

Driver Examination Stations (Mar 17th)
Collaborative Urban and Greater Minnesota Educators of Color (CUGMEC) Grant Program (Mar 2nd)

Financial Audit

Department of Human Services: Behavioral Health Grants Management (Mar 29th)



  • The Legislative Audit Commission met on June 3, 2021, and selected five topics for evaluation.
  • OLA is currently accepting applications for Staff Auditors.