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Office of the Legislative Auditor

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Law Enforcement Compensation (Feb 19th)

We found that base wages for Minnesota state troopers in 2019 were lower than the median base wages of police officers in the Minnesota cities we were directed to use in a comparison; they were about 5 percent lower for starting wages, and 16 percent lower for maximum wages. That was, however, before the Legislature mandated an across-the-board 8.4 percent increase in trooper wages during a special legislative session in October 2020. In addition to salary comparisons, our report considers contract and statutory provisions that affect state trooper and city police officer supplemental wages, health insurance, and retirement contributions.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Regulation and Oversight of Water Gremlin (Feb 11th)

Despite oversight by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), a company called “Water Gremlin” had longstanding violations of air quality regulations. We found that MPCA did not act on the company’s initial permit application in a timely manner; MPCA’s 2002 permit amendment did not effectively limit the company’s use of a hazardous chemical; MPCA did not require testing after 2002 of the company’s air pollution equipment; and MPCA did not inspect the company as often as it should have or make full use of the company’s self-reported emissions information.


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