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Office of the Legislative Auditor - Program Evaluation Division

Reports, Alphabetical

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9-1-1 Dispatching: A Best Practices Review (98-06) Affordable Housing (01-03) AFDC Recipients, Use of Public Assistance Programs by (89-03) Agricultural Commodities Promotion Councils (79-02) Agricultural Commodity Councils (2014) Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) (2016) Aid to Families with Dependent Children (87-01) Airport Planning (93-02) Alternative Education Programs (2010) Animal Feedlot Regulation (99-04) Animal Health, Board of: Oversight of Deer and Elk Farms (2018) Archaeologist, State (01-06) Area Vocational-Technical Institutes, Post-Secondary Vocational Education at Minnesota's (83-02) Arts Board: Individual Artists Grants Program (80-06) Bicycle Registration Program, Statewide (80-05) Biofuel Policies and Programs (2009) Braille and Sight-Saving School and School for the Deaf (84-01) Capitol Complex Security (2009) Charter School Financial Accountability (03-06) Charter Schools (2008) Chemical Dependency Programs, State Sponsored (79-01) Chemical Dependency Programs, State-sponsored: Follow-up Study (81-07) Child Care Reimbursement Rates (05-01) Child Protection Removals and Reunifications (2022) Child Protection Screening (2012) Child Protective Services (98-01) Child Support Enforcement (2006) Chronic Offenders (01-05) Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders (2011) Civil Insurance Complaint Investigations, Department of (2022) Clean Water Fund Outcomes (2017) Collaborative Urban and Greater Minnesota Educators of Color (CUGMEC) Grant Program (2021) Community Supervision of Sex Offenders (05-03) Compensatory Education Revenue (2020) Conservation Easements (2013) Consolidation of Local Governments (2012) Construction Cost Overrun at the Minnesota Correctional Facility - Oak Park Heights (81-08) Contracting for Professional/Technical Services, State (92-02) Controlling Improper Payments in the Medical Assistance Program (03-07) Correctional Facility - Oak Park Heights (81-08) Cosmetology Licensing, Board of (2021) Cost of Living Differences, Statewide (89-01) Councils on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans, Black Minnesotans, Chicano/Latino People,
and Indian Affairs (2014)
Counties’ Use of Administrative Penalties for Solid and Hazardous Waste Violations (99-06) County Veterans Service Offices (2008) CriMNet (04-05) Customer Satisfaction Surveys, State Agency Use of (PR95-23) Debt Service Equalization for School Facilities (2019) Deer Population Management, Department of Natural Resources (2016) Designer Selection Board (81-04) District Courts (01-02) DHS Oversight of Personal Care Assistance (2020) DNR Forest Management (2014) Driver Examination Stations (2021) E-Verify (2009) Early Childhood Programs (2018) Early Childhood Education Programs (01-01) Economic Development (85-04) Economic Development and Housing Challenge Program (2019) Economic Impact of Immigrants (2006) Economic Security, Department of (80-04) Economic Security, Department of, Preliminary Report (79-05) Economic Status of Welfare Recipients (02-05) Education, High School (88-09) Education, High School : Report Summary (88-10) Education Expenditures, Trends in (88-05) Education Information System (82-03) Electricity, Board of (80-01) Emergency Ambulance Services (2022) Employment and Training Programs (87-04) Energy Assistance and Weatherization (85-01) Energy Conservation Improvement Program (05-04) Environmental Review and Permitting (March 2011) Ethanol Programs (97-04) Farm Interest Buydown Program (88-02) Federal Aids Coordination (77-03) Financial Management of Health Care Programs (2008) Financing Unemployment Insurance (02-04) Fire Safety in Residential Facilities for Disabled (82-05) Fire Services, A Best Practices Review (99-07) Fiscal Notes (2012) Fish Management (86-03) Gambling, Lawful (90-01) Gambling Regulation and Oversight (05-02) Game and Fish Fund (91-04) Game and Fish Fund Special Stamps and Surcharges, Update (94-01) Governance of Transit in the Twin Cities Region (2011) Grant and Loan Programs for Businesses, State (96-04) Grant Award Processes (2024) Greater Minnesota Corporation: Organizational Structure and Accountability (91-05) “Green Acres” and Agricultural Land Preservation Programs (2008) Guardians ad litem (2018) Guardians ad litem (95-03) Health Care Administrative Costs (95-02) Health Facility Complaints, Office of (2018) Health Plan Regulation (88-04) Health Services in State Correctional Facilities (2014) Helping Communities Recover from Natural Disasters (2012) High School League, Minnesota State (87-06) High School League, Minnesota State (98-07) High School League, Minnesota State (2017) High School League, Minnesota State - Update (91-08) Higher Education Administrative and Student Services Spending: Technical Colleges, Community Colleges, and State Universities (92-04) Higher Education Programs (93-03) Higher Education Tuition and State Grants (94-04) Higher Education Tuition Reciprocity (03-08) Highway Maintenance (85-02) Highway Spending (97-06) Highway System, County State Aid (85-06) Highway System, County State Aid: Follow-Up (87-05) Home- and Community-Based Services: Financial Oversight (2017) Hospital Regulation (81-02) Housing Finance Agency (77-02) Housing Finance Agency (89-04) Human Rights, Minnesota Department of (81-01) Human Rights, Minnesota Department of: Follow-up Study (83-06) Human Rights, Department of (96-02) Human Rights: Complaint Resolution Process, Minnesota Department of (2020) Human Service Block Grants (84-05) Human Service Facilities, Regulation and Control of (77-01) Human Services Administration (2007) Human Services Licensing Division, Department of : Support to Counties (2024) Human Services, Financing County (87-03) Information Services Bureau (80-03) Information Technology Services (MNIT) - Office of Minnesota (2019) Insurance for Behavioral Health (01-04) Insurance Regulation (86-01) Investment Performance, State Board of Investment (78-02) Investment Performance, State (91-06) Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) (2016) JOBZ Program (2008) Juvenile Offenders, Residential Facilities for (95-01) Juvenile Out-of-Home Placement (99-02) K-12 Online Learning (2011) Land Acquisition and Disposal (83-04) Land Exchange Program (83-05) Law Enforcement’s Use of State Databases (2013) Legacy Amendment (2011) Liquor Control (79-03) Liquor Control (1978) Liquor Regulation (2006) Lobbying, Local Government (90-02) Local E-Government: A Best Practices Review (02-08) Local Government Spending (90-04) Lottery (04-01) Managed Care Organizations’ Administrative Expenses (2015) Managing Local Government Computer Systems: A Best Practices Review (02-09) Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver Services for Persons With Mental Retardation or Related Conditions (04-03) Medicaid Services, Access to (89-02) Medicaid: Prepayment and Postpayment Review, Follow-Up (88-08) Medical Assistance Payment Rates for Dental Services (2013) Medical Assistance Program, The Administration of Minnesota's (84-02) Medical Nonemergency Transportation (2011) Mental Illness, Community Residences for Adults with (89-05) Mental Health Services in County Jails (2016) Mentally Ill, Department of Public Welfare's Regulation of Residential Facilities for (81-03) Mentally Ill People, Deinstitutionalization of (86-04) Mentally Retarded, Administration of Reimbursement to Community Facilities for the (90-05) Mentally Retarded People, Deinstitutionalization of (86-05) Mentally Retarded Persons, Community Residential Programs for (83-03) Metropolitan Airports Commission (03-04) Metropolitan Council (85-03) Metro Mobility (2024) Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (99-03) Metropolitan Transit Commission, Twin Cities (80-02) Mineral Leasing (82-06) Mineral Taxation (2015) MINNCOR Industries (2009) Minnesota Board of Nursing: Complaint Resolution Process (2015) Minnesota Department of Education’s Role in Addressing the Achievement Gap (2022) Minnesota Department of Health Oversight of HMO Complaint Resolution (2016) Minnesota Film and TV Board (2015) Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange (MNsure) (2015) Minnesota Housing Finance Agency: Down Payment Assistance (2024) Minnesota Investment Fund (2018) Minnesota Research Tax Credit (2017) Minnesota State Arts Board Grant Administration (2019) Minnesota Teacher Licensure (2016) MinnesotaCare (03-03) MinnesotaCare Eligibility Determination, Follow-up Review (2007) MnDOT Highway Project Selection (2016) MnDOT Measures of Financial Effectiveness (2019) MnDOT Noise Barriers (2013) MnDOT Selection of Pavement Surface for Road Rehabilitation (2014) MnDOT Workforce and Contracting Goals (2021) The MnSCU Merger (00-07) MnSCU Occupational Programs (2009) MnSCU System Office (2010) Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors (2007) Motor Vehicle Deputy Registrars (94-05) Natural Resource Land (2010) No Child Left Behind (04-04) Non-Felony Prosecution: A Best Practices Review (97-07) Nursing Home Inspections (05-05) Nursing Home Rates (79-06) Nursing Home Rates in the Upper Midwest (97-02) Nursing Homes: A Financial Review (91-02) Occupational Regulation (99-05) Occupational Regulation, Minnesota Directory of (99-05b) Oversight of State-Funded Grants to Nonprofit Organizations (2023) Oversight of Workers' Compensation (2009) Pension Funds, Management of Public Employee (86-06) Pensions for Volunteer Firefighters (2007) Performance Budgeting (94-02) Performance Reports, Development and Use of the 1994 Agency (PR95-22) Perpich Center for Arts Education (2017) Personal Care Assistance (January 2009) Personnel, Department of (78-04) Personnel, Department of: Follow-up Study (79-07) Pesticide Regulation (2006) Pesticide Regulation (2020) Petrofund Reimbursement for Leaking Storage Tanks (93-01) Petroleum Remediation Program (2022) Pollution Control Agency (91-01) Pollution Control Agency Funding (02-02) Pollution Control Agency's Use of Administrative Penalty Orders (Update) (95-07) Postemployment Benefits for Public Employees (2007) Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program, March 1996 (96-05) Post Secondary Vocational Education: Follow-Up Study (85-05) Preserving Housing: A Best Practices Review (05-03) Prevailing Wages (2007) Preventive Maintenance for Local Government Buildings: A Best Practices Review (00-06) Preventive Maintenance for University of Minnesota Buildings (2012) Probation Services, Funding for (96-01) Procurement Set-Asides (82-01) Procurement Set-Asides: Follow-Up Study (85-07) Professional/Technical Contracting (03-02) Property Assessments: Structure and Appeals (96-07) Property Tax Relief Programs, Direct (83-01) Psychopathic Personality Commitment Law (94-03) Public Defender System (92-03) Public Defender System (2010) Public Defender System, Update (93-07) Public Facilities Authority: Wastewater Infrastructure Programs (2019) Public Health Care Eligibility Determination for Noncitizens (2006) Public Libraries (2010) Public Service, Department of (79-04) Public Utilities Commission's Public Participation Processes (2020) Purchasing (82-04) Q Comp: Quality Compensation for Teachers Recidivism of Adult Felons (97-01) Recycling and Waste Reduction (02-01) Recycling and Waste Reduction (2015) Remedial Education (98-01) Renewable Energy Development Fund (2010) RentHelpMN (2023) Retirement Programs, Public Employee Early (95-04) Revenue, Department of: Assessment/Sales Ratio Studies (78-03) Rule Making, Administrative (93-04) Safety in State Correctional Facilities (2020) School District Finances (00-04) School District Financial Reporting, Update (93-06) School District Integration Revenue (2005) School District Spending (90-03) School District Student Transportation (2008) School Trust Land (98-05) Sentencing and Correctional Policy (91-07) Sex Offender Treatment Programs (94-07) Sheltered Employment Programs (84-04) Snow and Ice Control (Best Practices in Local Govt) (95-06) Southwest Light Rail Transit Construction: Metropolitan Council Decision Making (2023) Southwest Light Rail Transit Construction: Metropolitan Council Oversight of Contractors (2023) Special Education (2013) Special Education (97-03) Special Education (84-03) Social Service Mandates Reform (97-08) Standardized Student Testing (2017) State Building Code (99-01) State Building Maintenance (98-03) State Employee Compensation (00-05) State Employee Health Insurance (02-06) State Employee Union Fair Share Fee Calculations (2013) State-Funded Trails for Motorized Recreation (03-01) State Highways and Bridges (2008) State Mandates on Local Governments (00-01) State Grants to Nonprofit Organizations (2007) State Office Space Management and Leasing (81-10) State-Operated Human Services (2013) State Park Management (00-02) State Programs That Support Minnesotans on the Basis of Racial, Ethnic, or American Indian Identity (2023) State Protections for Meatpacking Workers (2015) Statewide Systems Project (97-05) Substance Abuse Treatment (2006) Supercomputer Center, Minnesota (94-06) Sustainable Building Guidelines (2023) Sustainable Forest Incentive Program (2013) Tax Compliance (2006) Tax Increment Financing (86-02) Tax Increment Financing (96-06) Tax Increment Financing-Supplementary Report (96-06a) Tax Processing, Corporate Income (81-05) Tax Processing, Computer Support for (81-06) Tax Processing and Auditing, Individual Income (81-09) Teacher Compensation (91-03) Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Summary of Major Studies (02-07) Timber Sales (82-02) Training, State Employee (Best Practices in State Government) (95-05) Transit Planning, Metropolitan (88-01) Transit Planning, Regional (92-05) Transit Services(98-03) Trends in State and Local Spending (96-03) Truck Safety Regulation (92-01) Truck Safety Regulation, Update (93-05) Unemployment Compensation (78-01) Unemployment Insurance Program: Efforts to Prevent and Detect the Use of Stolen Identities (2022) University of Minnesota: Compensation (04-02) University of Minnesota Physical Plant (88-07) University of Minnesota Physical Plant Operations: A Follow-Up Review (91-09) University of Minnesota President's House and Office, Remodeling of (88-06) University of Minnesota Supercomputing Services (92-06) Voter Registration (2018) Watershed Management (2007) Water Quality Monitoring (87-02) Water Quality: Permitting and Compliance Monitoring (02-03) Welfare Reform (00-03) Worker Misclassification (2024) Workers' Compensation (88-03) Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Plan, Review of Investment Contract for (90-06) Workforce Development Services (05-06) Workforce Programs (2010)

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